Monday, February 18, 2013

Edcanvas Example

Here is my Edcanvas example:

My students are currently finishing up the geometry unit in math.  At the end of each unit, we spend a day reviewing before the test.  Usually we use a packet to review concepts before the test.  Some students don't need the review and are bored if we have to spend a lot of time on a concept that they already understand.  One way around this has been using the IXL website to practice their concepts.  My school has a subscription to the site.  I would provide the students with a list of links to the concepts they should practice.  This worked better than the paper review because students were engaged and practicing at their own pace.

I love the features of IXL, so I incorporated it into my Edcanvas example.  After each topic is reviewed, the students will practice that concept on IXL before reviewing another concept.  I put a sign-in slide in the beginning of the canvas to make sure my students are logged in and get credit for their work.  I can sign in to my IXL account and see the responses from each student.

I am excited to try this with my students this week.  I only have 15 students in my math class but they all work at a different pace.  This activity provides enough practice to keep all the students engaged.  If students finish all the review sites before time is up, they can go back to any of the IXL practice sites to continue reviewing the concepts.

I will have to test out the YouTube videos at school to make sure those work before sharing this activity with my students.  I have a feeling that the filters will still block the videos, but I will test it out as soon as I can tomorrow.

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