Thursday, February 7, 2013


I found a site where students can create comics.  This site can be used in a few different languages.

I created a comic quickly.  You can pick from a variety of characters.  There are different images you can add to your comic.  Your comic can be up to 4 different boxes.  This site does not save comics, so students will need to print as soon as they are finished.  You can email comics though, so students can print later if they don't have access to a printer.

Here is a link to what I created:

Here is a screenshot of what I created:

I found this site to be a little complicated at times.  When adding the speech bubbles, you can not change the size after you pick which one you want to use.  I found that to be pretty frustrating because the default size covered most of the box.

So far, this is not a web2.0 tool I would recommend because I think there are better ones out there.  I will see what I can find.


  1. This is a nice web 2.0 tool that is free!

    I watched the informational video on the website ( It seems that makebeliefcomix, Bitstrips and ComicLife are all popular because they are user-friendly to students of all abilities. These types of Web 2.0 tools especially help ELL students develop their language skills and all students improve their writing skills while having the opportunity to be creative with these types of websites. I think we should all look for ways to incorporate them into instruction!

  2. Hey Cheryl! This was a very interesting web 2.0 tool! I could see using this in my class to help introduce realistic fiction writing. The characters are very diverse and I love that you are able to change their emotions. I wanted to look deeper into the language feature and found that to be a little difficult. There was a special place to type with different characters that you can then copy and paste into the speech bubbles, but I think this feature is probably better for students learning other languages rather than ELL students.